Per FDA requirements, in order to prescribe Tikosyn or its authorized generic new prescribers are required to complete a one-time certification. Even if you have been certified prior to 2011, you are required to secure a one-time recertification. You must enroll in the Tikosyn and Authorized Generic REMS program to prescribe or dispense Tikosyn® or its authorized generic. To become (re)certified you must review the following materials:

When you have reviewed all the materials, please print, sign, and mail or fax the Tikosyn and Authorized Generic Prescriber Certification Form.

The fax number is 1-800-788-2637. After we have received your certification form, we will send a written confirmation of receipt.

In addition to your certification, retail pharmacies and institutional pharmacies must also be certified in order to dispense Tikosyn and its authorized generic. Before dispensing a prescription for Tikosyn or its authorized generic, the pharmacist must confirm that you are a health care professional who has been certified and is listed in the National Tikosyn and Authorized Generic Database.

It is important that you tell your patients to fill their Tikosyn or its authorized generic prescriptions as soon as possible after they are discharged to avoid any disruptions in their treatment. Although patients must be provided with treatment upon discharge, it may take a few business days for the pharmacy to order Tikosyn or its authorized generic for subsequent prescriptions.

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Should you have any questions regarding the certification program, please call 1-866-249-7261.